Comprehensive Credit Reporting System (CCR)

Comprehensive Credit Reporting System (CCR) CCR is a system whereby lenders will share more of your financial details with credit bureaus.  Whereas in the past, most of the information held on file focussed on negative traits eg: summons, writs etc, under the new CCR regime, a lot more information will be provided to enable the […]

Interest Only Loans

Interest Only Loans In years gone by, interest only loans have been particularly popular with investors and more recently by speculators in the booming Sydney & Melbourne property markets. Advantages of interest only lending include: Reduced monthly payment Maximisation of tax benefits for negatively geared properties Using the principal you would normally be required to […]

Living Expenses

Living Expenses For the times they are a changing. Bob Dylan must have been prophetic as things certainly are a changing in the finance industry on an almost daily basis. Pressure from the Royal Commission and government agencies ASIC & APRA have seen the banks tighten up their guidelines considerably especially in the assessment of […]

Rates on the move

Rates on the move I have previously written about the pro’s and cons of fixed rate home loans (Refer my blog “To fix or not to fix” of 29/3/17).  Rates are now on the move with several lenders including Suncorp, AMP, Macquarie Bank, Pepper, ING Direct, ME Bank, Bank of Queensland & IMB recently increasing […]

Is it time to review your home loan?

Is it time to review your home loan? Short video on the benefits of reviewing your home loan and why you should speak to a mortgage broker. 337 Rokeby RoadSubiacoWA 6008 6380 2377 WHAT WE DO ABOUT US RESOURCES CONTACT US BLOG Peter Gomm & Associates Pty Ltd ACN 088 531 346 T/as Gomm […]

Subiaco AFC Sponsorship

Subiaco AFC Sponsorship The team at Gomm Finance are proud to be involved in the local community. This year Peter is showing his support for Subiaco AFC a national premier league club.  We chose them because they encourage kids to be active and to have a go, the kids develop better personal and social skills […]

Rate Increases

Rate Increases Most of you will recently have received a letter from your bank advising that the rate on your home loan has been increased. This is on top of other out of cycle rate rises passed on by the banks late last year. Why is this happening? The government agencies ASIC, APRA and the […]

To fix or not to fix?

To fix or not to fix? Ah, that’s the big question.  The banks have recently increased their variable rates out of sync with the Reserve Bank and the outlook is for more out of cycle rate rises later this year.  To combat this, you might like to consider fixing a portion or all of your […]


Refinancing PUT UP OR SHUT UP: Ah the sounds of summer.  The sound of willow on bat at the cricket, waves lapping at the beach or sausages sizzling on the BBQ.  And what are the favourite topics of conversation at a BBQ?  Sport, politics and banks!! As I write this, the Fed Express has just […]

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Credit cards can be a valuable tool in the right person’s hands.  What do I mean by the right person?  I am referring to a cardholder with the discipline and the ability to repay the outstanding balance in full each and every month.  Many banks offer a credit card as part of a […]