To fix or not to fix?

To fix or not to fix? Ah, that’s the big question.  The banks have recently increased their variable rates out of sync with the Reserve Bank and the outlook is for more out of cycle rate rises later this year.  To combat this, you might like to consider fixing a portion or all of your […]


Refinancing PUT UP OR SHUT UP: Ah the sounds of summer.  The sound of willow on bat at the cricket, waves lapping at the beach or sausages sizzling on the BBQ.  And what are the favourite topics of conversation at a BBQ?  Sport, politics and banks!! As I write this, the Fed Express has just […]

Reviewing your Home Loan

Reviewing your Home Loan Applying for a home loan is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever undertake.  Obtaining a home loan is one thing but it is vitally important that you regularly check with your broker to ensure that your existing home loan still meets your needs and the rate is competitive. Most […]