Reviewing your Home Loan

Applying for a home loan is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever undertake.  Obtaining a home loan is one thing but it is vitally important that you regularly check with your broker to ensure that your existing home loan still meets your needs and the rate is competitive.

Most people have very busy personal lives and all too often the task of obtaining annual quotes for home and car insurance, private health cover and risk insurance is put to one side and quickly finds its way to the bottom of the “too hard” basket.  Likewise most people establish their home loan and then leave it on a “set and forget” basis or consider it too much of a hassle to refinance to another bank in search of a better deal.  These are the same people who complain about banks making obscene profits or complain about what the government should or shouldn’t be doing and yet didn’t vote or voted informal.  People you need to be engaged in the process to obtain the best results.

We can’t help what the government does or doesn’t do but we can help you by ensuring that your home loan has all the features you need and the interest rate is the best it can be whether that means staying with the same bank and us twisting their arm on your behalf or us facilitating a move elsewhere.  If you have more than 10% equity in your property, we can get you a fully featured variable rate loan with a rate of 3.92%pa.  If you have at least 20% equity, the rate reduces to 3.85%pa and this rate applies to both owner occupied loans and investment loans.

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