Valuation Request

How much is your property worth? Want to see recent sales evidence about your suburb and the factors that affect its value? Simply complete the below form and submit to us and we will email your FREE current market appraisal.

The valuation report you are about to order is computer generated and is not a professional opinion or appraisal. This report should not be used in lieu of a professional appraisal under any circumstances. The report depends on information (including, where applicable, information provided by you) relating to the property for which the report is ordered and relating to properties in the same general area, suburb, town and State in which the property is located. Such information may be incomplete or wrong, negatively impacting the accuracy of the report. The report is based on one or more statistical models which rely upon assumptions and which may not capture every feature relevant to the value of a particular property, may not take into account improvements to the property, and may be different if ordered on a different day. The report also does not take into account the potential impact of external factors, such as a change in interest rates or general economic conditions, or other factors, such as the impact of planned infrastructure or housing projects or environmental contamination on the property, the impact of which are more difficult to capture but which may affect the value of the property. Accordingly, the report should not be relied upon by you or any other person, including when making any decision in connection with selling, buying, listing, financing or insuring any property.