To fix or not to fix?

To fix or not to fix? Ah, that’s the big question.  The banks have recently increased their variable rates out of sync with the Reserve Bank and the outlook is for more out of cycle rate rises later this year.  To combat this, you might like to consider fixing a portion or all of your […]


Refinancing PUT UP OR SHUT UP: Ah the sounds of summer.  The sound of willow on bat at the cricket, waves lapping at the beach or sausages sizzling on the BBQ.  And what are the favourite topics of conversation at a BBQ?  Sport, politics and banks!! As I write this, the Fed Express has just […]

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Credit cards can be a valuable tool in the right person’s hands.  What do I mean by the right person?  I am referring to a cardholder with the discipline and the ability to repay the outstanding balance in full each and every month.  Many banks offer a credit card as part of a […]

What is Equity?

What is Equity? Equity is a simple concept which many people find confusing.  Ask three different people to define equity and you’ll most likely get three different answers.  In simple terms, equity is the value of your home minus any amount owing.  For example, if your home is worth $1 million and you owe $200,000, […]